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About Inflight Service Group

From a humbling beginning back in 1991, Inflight Service has consistently followed our founding business idea, to provide services to the travel retail industry that enhance operational efficiency, boost sales and revenue and enable our customers to free resources to focus on their core business as travel operators. With the luxury of hindsight, it has proved to be a winning strategy.

We are today a regional leader in our field and our innovative services are employed by many leading airlines, ferry & cruise lines and airport shop operators in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We offer our customers a complete range of services, encompassing strategic purchasing and assortment management, marketing, logistics and distribution, staff training and incentive programs as well as an array of operational and administrative services. Together with our customers, we develop comprehensive service concepts that adapt perfectly to customer-specific requirements. Our significant, collective purchasing power and vast product knowledge enables us to assemble very attractive product offers at highly competitive prices. Logistically, our customers are served from our distribution and warehouse centres, strategically located in southern Sweden to ensure reliable deliveries with short lead times to the entire Nordic/Baltic region.

Inflight Service is also an airport retailer itself, operating its own airport shops under the EUROSHOP brand in Stockholm (Sweden), Cracow, Gdansk and Posnan (Poland), Tallinn (Estonia), and onboard Fjordline's ferry M/S Bergensfjord (Norway). We are currently investigating ways to expand our concept to further airports in the Eastern European area and to further ferriesries.

Much of our achievement can be accredited to our ability to preserve the entrepreneurial focus that the company was built on. It has provided us with the flexibility and innovation to come out stronger from the many challenges that the travel retail industry has faced in recent years.

Inflight Service currently employs approx. 300 people in five countries. The annual turnover for fiscal year 2010 amounted to 185 MEUR (Million Euro) and our total purchasing volume in retail value exceeded 500 MEUR. Our firm observance of all entered commitments has repeatedly been awarded AAA status - the most recognized Swedish rating of a company's immaculate credit and payment record. 

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Mission Statement Mission

Inflight Service Europe AB is a specialist service provider, catering to travel retail operators, primarily airlines, ferry & cruise ship lines and airport retailers, but also to adjacent business fields. 

Our services aim at increasing our customers’ operational efficiency and earnings by lending our retailing, product and marketing expertise, logistic organization and collective purchasing power. By relieving our customers from their auxiliary retailing engagement, our services permit the customer to direct full focus on its core business.

Our business activities are currently concentrated mainly to the Northern and Eastern European regions, but the adaptable nature of our service concepts gives our business a borderless scope.

We aim at maintaining and strengthening our achieved leading market position within Nordic/Baltic travel retail and to expand into new geographic areas and market niches.



Ethics Diversity

Convinced that sustained business success can only be attained by earning the respect of our customers, suppliers and colleagues, Inflight Service is committed to the exercise of an honest and decent conduct in every aspect of our business activities. 

We are committed not only to abide by national and international laws and conventions, but to live up to and where possible transcend universal ethic principles as well as global and local expectations of honourable business practices and respectful human conduct. More specifically, this means:

To our customers:

To be a reliable, resourceful and service-minded partner, sensitive to our partners demands; to provide valuable expertise and adapt service solutions in accordance with our commitments; to put our partner's interest first where and when a choice is required; and to maintain an open dialogue that is the foundation for building sustained partnerships characterised by mutual trust and confidence.

To our suppliers:

To award our partners on the supplier side the same respect that we ourselves expect to be receive in our supplier capacity; to honour entered agreements; and to foster solid business relationships, built on openness, fairness and mutual trust.

To our employees

To be a good, attentive and supportive employer, treating each individual with equal respect and courtesy; to provide a secure and stimulating workplace in which the individual can grow and prosper; to recognize and promote individual and group talent and effort; to cultivate an open environment that encourages initiative and rewards creativeness and innovation; to oppose prejudice in every form and to invite diversity, which we believe is the key dynamic for positive development and success.




EnvironmentInternational travel is an indispensable part of modern life and a prerequisite for continued global economic growth and peaceful interaction between people. It is also one of the most appreciated leisure activities for billions of people around the world, providing unparalleled stimuli for body and mind.

Shopping is an established and integral part of the travel experience, perceived by most travellers as a welcomed and rewarding activity at airports, on board planes and ships.

With that said, we acknowledge that both the travel and the retailing trades have environmental implications that must be addressed to ensure a sustained positive development for the industries. Sharing the international community's environmental concerns, Inflight Service takes its responsibility seriously and tries to be in the forefront in finding sustainable and measured solutions.



The Market Nordic

The Nordic/Baltic Travel Market

An outlying location at the northern rim of Europe, vast distances and long coastal borders are just a few of the factors that have historically shaped Scandinavians into traveling peoples. Mercantile by tradition, the small but industrious Nordic nations rely heavily on foreign trade for the preservation of their welfare. Consequently, business travel is among the highest in the world in relative terms. In current days, the achieved affluence also allows large parts of the populations to escape the long, dark winter months and unpredictable summers for leisure get-away to more pleasant corners of the world. All factors combined create a travel market far exceeding what the sheer size of the region’s population might suggest. 

The North and Baltic Seas are among the busiest waters in the world. Each year, passenger ferries carry almost 27 million people to and from Sweden alone. Until recently – before completion of the big bridge projects, linking Scandinavia with the continent – ferries were the sole means of reaching continental Europe. Still today, ferries continue to play a vital role for the passenger and vehicle flow between the countries of the region – an importance that has increased with the opening of the new Baltic and Eastern European democracies. But the ferry lines are also popular for the leisure travel, offering short “mini cruises”: Every year approx. 2.7 million Swedes travel by ship to Finland. The Nordic/Baltic region is also a potent air travel market, which again Swedish statistics illustrates: 

  • Regular and charter airlines carried 33 million passengers to and from Swedish airports in 2010.
  • Approx. 9 million Swedes make more than 10 million foreign trips annually (not including the over 3 million short-distance “frontier crossings” to neighbouring countries). Some 62 percent of all foreign travel is leisure oriented.

The Nordic/Baltic Travel Retail Market

Since passenger and travel retail volumes go hand in hand, the Nordic/Baltic region is a market of considerable size. In fact, four Nordic countries individually rank among the 25 largest markets in the world. Measured as a group, the Nordic region – with a combined population of less than 32 million – places itself as the world’s second largest duty free and travel retail market with total sales amounting to 2,771 million USD (2010).

The impressive ranking is primarily a result of the region’s very high travel frequency, but other factors contribute as well. Although the high domestic price levels on most consumer goods are slowly approaching the European average, the gap is still wide enough for travel retail to be a consumer-perceived real value. Also, exceptionally high domestic taxation on alcoholic beverages in Sweden and particularly Norway provides further incentives. No surprise therefore, that wines & spirits is the bestselling product category in the Nordic market, contributing with 29 percent of overall sales. It is followed by perfumes & cosmetics 28 percent) and confectionary (16 percent). Accessories (16 percent) and tobacco goods (10 percent)..

Unlike global trends, where airport shops are the largest sales channel, ferry & cruise ship sales rank first in the Nordic area.



Management Team

Inflight Service's Management Team reflect the core values that have brought the company to where it is today: expertise, experience, dedicated service and a hand-on entrepreneurial spirit. Its members comprises:

Björn Ulfberg (Mr.)

John Baumgartner (Mr.)
Head of Business Development
Karin Rynning (Ms.)
Head Sales

Michael Fabricius (Mr.)
Head of Finance

Niklas Julin (Mr.)
Head of Marketing
Oskar Aronsson (Mr.)
Head of Logistics & Production

Paolo Björkman (Mr.)
Head of HR

To email any of the above members, please address the message with firstname.lastname followed by @inflightservice.se.




Triton is a leading private equity firm focusing on investments in the Nordic and German-speaking regions. Triton has more than 4 billion Euro in committed capital from Nordic and international investors. Triton has offices in Stockholm, Frankfurt and London and its investment focus includes businesses in the retail and consumer products sectors.



Inflight Service's story begins back in 1991, when three executives at SAS – Scandinavian Airlines System decide to go independent. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Here are some milestones along the road to where we are today.

1991 Inflight Service Europe founded. First airline contract with Air Sweden.
Management contract signed with Swedish State Railroads - SJ.
Inflight Service's enters the shipping market with Estline as its first ferry line partner.
1994 Our first airport shop contract is signed with Stockholm-Skavsta airport.
Wasatornet (corporate investors) acquires a 19 percent share in Inflight Service.
1996 Inflight Service launches Topflight Catering airline caterers. Sold to Lufthansa 1997.
1998 Shops opened at Arlanda Airport's terminal 2. Contract with MyTravel Airways.
Abolishment of Duty Free sales in intra-EU travel as new intra-EU excise and VAT/tax system is implemented.
Restaurants opened at terminal 5, catering contract at new Pier F at Arlanda. Contract with Silje Line. Mr. Peter Candell CEO.
Opening of own distribution and warehouse center in Oslo, Norway.
Winner of nine new contracts incl. SAS Trading. IFS Group's distribution center moved to Helsingborg, Sweden.
IFS Restaurants sold. Annual turnover exceeds the one billion SEK mark.
2005 SAS Trading’s shop operation in Poland, Latvia and Estonia acquired. CapMan new majority owner.
Opening of first Euroshop onboard Kystlink's ferry, M/S Pride of Telemark.
Opening of new warehouse & logistics centre in Tibro, following acquisition of majority stake in LSG Taxfree
Contract with Sterling Airlines. Opening of shops onboard Fjordline's ferries. Mr. Gustaf Ljunggren new CEO.
Contract with SAS. Opening of shops onboard Unity Line's ferries.
Acquisition of IFS by Triton. Mr.Per Thelin new CEO.
New CEO Björn Ulfberg     .
Contract with Jetairfly (Belgium), IFS first airline contract outside the Nordics


Contract with Norwegian




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